Goals Can Be Beautiful

Deer Family Herd,

I first have to say, I am so proud. Benson and Sam, way to keep the hot tub truck alive! That made me smile so big when I saw you two chillin like a couple of rednecks in the cold! Hahaha! I’ve got to ask though… Mia, did you smear guacamole on your face that night? You and Julia really looked goofy! 

The week started out fair enough. Well, no it didn’t. Monday I was just feeling fed up and inadequate with “zone leader duty”, so I was a bit grumpy, but thankfully my companion and I have a lot of fun together, so that didn’t last long.

We went to Hitchin to do a blitz there on Tuesday. One of them has just been struggling a bit, so we decided to go out to Subway with them first and just have a good time with them and talk.  MLC was on Wednesday, so we were out of our area in London all day. Again. But this was actually one of the best MLC’s I’ve been to. I really felt like I received inspiration from the trainings given there, and it helped me know what to do with my struggles in  zone duties. I can’t remember what we were actually talking about, but I just remembered that one of the things I liked most about being a district leader was how much I learned and the spirit of the calling and feeling that the missionaries in our district  was family -Then it made me think what the difference was between a district and a zone, and there’s not much. One’s bigger. So I’m really going to focus on bringing the spirituality of the calling and relying on His help.  Numbers and things have to be done, it’s just the job, but the spirit of the calling is loving and knowing the people.  So I know one thing to do differently now!

Thursday we basically just prepared the agenda and trainings for zone meeting and then drove around to stop by part-member families on the ward list. We found a few of them home, and we went in and got to know them a bit, but none of the non-member kinsfolk were around this time. I lied, one was. Sister Vega comes to church every week and is practically a member already, but she just hasn’t joined yet for I a doctrinal reason or two. But her husband says she’s getting there, and even wants their son to be baptised, so we’re going to go teach Daniel about baptism tomorrow! Who knows, hopefully this could be a good step for her! We went round to their place and she’d just gotten the baby to sleep and looked very tired, so we asked what she was going to do now. She said she had to finish the kitchen then she’d go to sleep.  Cool right, perfect time to step up and serve?

Now, you can’t offer people in England help. Whether they’re originally English or not, absolutely no one will say yes if you offer a hand, so you have to just jump in. We just both walked into her kitchen and started doing her dishes and clearing off the table, it was great; she was powerless! >:D And she was so happy, she gave us some leftover szaza, (I think that’s how you spell it.). I don’t know how to describe what that is, you’ll just have to look it up. South Africans call it pap. It’s basically maize. Probably like porridge.  You’ll see, I can’t really describe it.

We stopped by Richard’s place lots of times this week, but never caught him in. Then this morning as we were driving down the road, (I was driving!!), we saw him walking down the street. So I pulled the car over to the side of the road and Elder Helisto ran him down! Nearly gave him a heart attack too. We chatted with him for a bit and followed up on the bit in the Bible we gave him to read, then we made sure we asked him again when the best times are to catch him home before we left again. I really hope he won’t give up on himself.

I have not gotten your package yet Mum, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it there when we go into London (again) for Zone conference this week!  I love you and the blue is still pretty sky, despite my imperfections,

Love, Elder Packer


Ward Barn Dance! Yes, I did dance!



Mornings! Finnish people hate them too!



Throwback to the Gillingham district! Our little family: Sister Ranck(mum), Elder Davis(son), Elder Haysman(dad), and me(crazy uncle at every family reunion who’s not actually related and usually shows up intoxicated).


Our white board after zone meeting. Goals are beautiful.


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