Another Good Week

Dear family,

1 Once again, I come before thee to peruse thy letters and respond accordingly. And what joy, yea, what gladness did I recieve at these tidings! Behold, my heart was heavy and it is light, I was falling and I am caught, my soul hungered and it is filled. 

2 For it is written, that my mother and father have accomplished their purposes in relaxing for a weekend, and lo, my brethren hath much ado after school with their sports practice- for which I thank the Lord. Indeed, and my sister of the cloth doth post many pictures of her ministries in the Land of Desolation southward.

3 And now I, Elder Packer, do give an account of mine travels in the land of our forefathers. And I do this by way of commandment from the Father, and besides that, by way of commandment from mine earthly father and mother. And I do this that all men may know of the great mercies and wondrous marvels the Lord doth work in the lives of his children. 

4 For behold, in the space appointed between my last epistle and this, I did gain both direction and comfort from the stewards of the house of the Packer’s.

So this week, we were trying anything to find new people to teach, and I mean anything. Earlier in the week we took the Bisquick pancake mix from Costco, the chocolate chips and peanut butter I got from home, some maple syrup, a bowl and a whisk, tossed it all in a big bag, then went trackting and offered to have a real live American cook them true blue American pancakes for free and for fun!.. Surprisingly ineffective. We’ll probably try it again this week though, as it was quite funny! By Saturday evening, we’d only found one new person, and she’s a less-active member’s wife who’s probably going to take a while, so we parked the car again and were just finding around the train station. We stopped this one lady, who said she had to rush as she was nipping down to Mass at the moment. We were pretty tired by then and wanted to do something fun and spontaneous, so since she invited us to join her, we did. She was pretty friendly and told us all about it on our walk there, and she let us sit by her so she could explain some of the things we were doing and stuff to us throughout the service. It was the first church service I’ve ever been to that wasn’t LDS! Pretty cool. It was an enjoyable experience and the people were friendly.    Of course we invited her to attend church with us on Sunday and she said she would consider it. Thumbs up, Hopefully she does. Anyways, later that Saturday night we knocked on a less active guy’s door around 8:30ish and he invited us in for a chat.  His daughter soon joined into the conversation and we were able to share the message of Jesus Christ from the Book of Mormon with them and a nip of the restoration.  We have an appointment to see them both on Friday! Awesome! 

We’re helping a guy named G- to stop smoking so he can be baptised hopefully in March. Our first lesson with him was on Tuesday, (my first time meeting him due to workovers), we’d planned to teach him the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity and boy was that a good idea! We hadn’t even sat down when I saw some flame-of-hell worthy stuff just chillin’ on the coffee table next to a pile of used cigarettes. We were supposed to be helping him clean his kitchen before our lesson, but we ended up teaching AS we helped him clean out.  He said he felt empowered cleaning up his life and was excited to get rid of it all.  Afterwards, Elder Helisto and I took his rubbish out to the dumpster for him. I was NOT going to leave that stuff in his bin after we left, we got it as far away from him as we could. He’s doing awesome so far now. He’s now gone a few days without a smoke and he enjoyed watching Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration with us. 

On another subject, can I tell you how much I enjoy football? I mean European, not American, although that’s fun as well. I honestly thought it was a dumb sport before I came to England, but now after getting so many opportunities to actually play it, I can’t get enough! I’m pretty lost out on the pitch and can’t kick worth a dime, but I just have the time of my life playing it! I mention this because Thursday night a few guys from the Elders’ Quorum invited us to come play with them, 7 a side. My legs hurt so much the day after, but it was a super good game!

Oh yeah, also we had our Easter zone conference this Friday, which was good. Lots of doctrinal trainings about the Atonement from President. The Spirit was present, and the whole meeting was great.  Elder Helisto and I know we’ve done our best with it this week, so we’re happy with that.

Love, Elder Packer

I call this collection, “Cambridge From the Car: the Artist’s Drive Through”

A real, uncut glimpse from the studies of Elder Packer. Today’s subject: Lehi’s dream…


Look who I found at zone conference! (Fun challenge: What’s wrong in this photo?)


The Thomas family, plus Joy Odoi and her 2 year old Cassia. They have us over every single Sunday! They’re such a fun pair.



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