A Stone Cut Out of the Mountain…

Letter from March 21, 2016

Well family, it has once again been a week.  Here is the top news, have you ever heard of the A&E? It’s the UK equivalent to our emergency room. I went there on Saturday! Woo! Thursday and Friday I’d had a bit of discomfort in my lower abdomen, in the back and to the left. Then on Saturday, we had the Luton elders in our area for a workover and we took them to Nando’s for lunch. Right after we left, on our way through town center, the discomfort started feeling more like pain, so I told Elder Helisto and Elder Chatora that I needed to go spend some time horizontally at the flat. I thought it would be better if I lied down but alas, it just kept getting worse.  So I had those three give me a blessing and we drove to the closest A&E in a place called Hemel Hempstead. We got there, the doctor did his thing and good news, I’m not dying! Nor will I die anytime soon. (Knock on wood) I just have a kidney stone! So they gave me some painkillers and told me to have Sister Stevens arrange a scan somewhere so they can take a look around my kidneys. Hope they bring back souvenirs.

 Anyways, another funny story, just before bed last night, I took two of the codeine tablets they gave me so I wouldn’t wake up in the middle of the night, and man they did their job! I slept like a rock right through to the alarm, and was completely wiped out. No energy at all. I’m still quite low-key even right now! So I’m going to just not take any more of that stuff, or we’ll never get anything done. It’s a good thing today was a P-day! 😀  What else is there to talk about this week? Not too much actually.

We had a fairly good week considering! Just the normal stuff! We find that we are finding  more time to do finding!  People cancel and we get to… find.  Seriously though, I love staying busy, love this place and the people, teaching or serving however we can.

Love you all, Elder P.

This is what happens when you’re the last one to hit the top of the car roof when driving through a yellow light.

IMG_0067 (1)

The Great St. Albans District:  Elder Chatora (black guy), Elder Aubin (black haired guy), Me (black sweater), Elder Helisto  (black buttons on gray sweater), Sister Wilcox and Sister Hibbard.


IMG_0064 (1)


Awesome ruins just chillin in a park outside of St. Albans town


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