Gift of Tongues

Letter from March 28th, 2016

Hello hello hello,

So this week there are some changes being made! Elder Helisto has been called down to the land of my forefathers, to lead the Canterbury zone, and my new companion is going to be Elder Poole from Rigby, Idaho!  He actually came out here the same time as me, but he had visa problems so he went to the Provo MTC instead of the Preston one. I’m pretty excited to finally serve with someone from my group!  And Elder Poole is a workhorse, so this is going to be good.  An update on my kidney stone, my GP appointment is this evening, and once I see him he can order me a scan to see what’s in my kidneys or not. Finally. Pray I can get that scan ASAP cause I’m done with all this medical/drug-taking nonsense!  No bad pain from said kidney stone this week, just some slight nausea but not bad at all.  You said that I’d definitely know if I passed it, so I don’t think it’s gone yet.

Some cool things from the week, we ran into Ri- the alcoholic again, miraculously! We hadn’t seen him for a while, then one day we were driving to the chapel and saw him sitting on a bench, so we stopped and talked to him for a bit. He wasn’t really sure why he’d been sitting there, but we all felt like God was sort of steering us together. He really wants to change and be free of his addiction, but he’s having a very hard time. We saw him once again later in the week to invite him to the AR program in Luton, but he’s still very scared to do that. Sunday morning we knocked on his door and invited him to church, and his flat was really bad. He is in such a bad place, but we invited him to clean himself up and get to church with us. We eventually had to leave him to be on time for sacrament because he didn’t want to come in the state he was in. But to my surprise, when we were preparing to bless the sacrament, he walked in and sat down in the back!  He didn’t stay for long, but we could tell he enjoyed it. He’s a really nice old guy and really wants to make his life into more than it is now.

We didn’t have much luck finding new people to teach throughout the week, (surprise, surprise), so on Sunday evening we went for a walk about town with Silvia and her dog Squirt, and talked to errybody. There was this one guy, and when I stopped him he told me he only spoke Spanish, in spanish. So I asked him his name using my finely honed year-one-high-school-Spanish skills, and we had a conversation in Spanish after that! Ok, you all know I’m not fluent, so there were a lot of pauses where I was trying to remember words or describe something I’d forgotten, but I was actually surprised at how much we were able to communicate!  I was able to share a gospel message in Spanish, and he agreed to meet us again, so that was even better! #giftoftongues  

Can you imagine what it would be like hearing about Jesus Christ for the first time?  Would you believe what was being told to you?   It is incredible to teach people that have never heard of Him before.  The more you come to know about Him and his eternal role as our Savior the more you feel obligated to share his message of hope. So, send me your favorite scriptures on the atonement and tell me what that scripture means to you.   

Hope you guys all have a good week! Yesssssss for the Shull’s!!!  Boston!  Tell Spencer good luck from me!

Love, Elder Packer

P.S. Question – Who’s better?!  Seriously?!  Superman would slay Batman so hard any day. Batman vs. Superman doesn’t even sound realistic, duh!


This is Boon Tan, another YSA friend of ours.  He’s quirky and a great chef.  He is from Malaysia.


This is Brandon Connolly, he just got home in January from serving in the SLC West mission.  We basically do a bunch with this guy.  He’s a great help to us.



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