The Rock of My Salvation

April 4, 2016

Dear Family,

Aright amigos, it’s been a big dog conference weekend and it has been good. How about that conference though? Pretty great! Unfortunately, me and Elder Poole had to miss the Priesthood session and the Sunday Afternoon session because we set up plans to watch at member’s and investigators’ homes, and it didn’t work out for us to catch everything, but we’ll be able to go back and watch the rest of it later. You know you’re investigator is really into it as well when she starts shouting at her husband in the other room that he needs to get in here to hear what Elder Christofferson is saying!  But what I did see, I really enjoyed! I especially can’t wait to  hear President Eyring’s talk, I really like it when he speaks.

 Small update on the kidney stone, I went to my appointment with the GP on Thursday and since the urinalysis was good and I hadn’t experienced any pain for a while, he seemed pretty sure that I’d already passed it, but he thought it would be a good idea to have a scan anyways, so he referred me to a urologist in a nearby town. Well, I was feeling good after that, thinking I was all sorted out, so I stopped taking my medications. The day after my GP appointment, I started feeling uncomfortable again. Looks like he’s still in there!  I just can’t get as much done with one of the pain medications in particular, it makes my head feel weird and I wake up feeling knocked out. Haven’t had to use that very much, thankfully! And my scan is booked for this Thursday, so that’ll be helpful! 

I’m really enjoying my new companion, Elder Poole. It’s different to be able to talk about home without having to explain anything about it. If he says something like, “down at the site”, we both know what it is so that’s fun. He’s such a fun, chill guy but such a worker as well. Definitely one of the most constantly diligent missionaries I’ve ever worked with! We’ve just been going ham all over the place, cause we only have so much time left! This’ll probably be his last area of the mission as well, so I gotta get him acquainted with everyone super fast!

Other than that, I’m doing fine. Since I became a zone leader I’ve been finding it harder and harder to sit down and write a really good e-mail to ya. Don’t know if it’s just the time, or I’m running out of creativity, but it’s hard to write a good e-mail these days, sorry!

Anyways, know that I love you, and I think of you a lot!

Love, Elder Packer


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