No Good Rotten Day

TUESDAY NIGHT:  I’m writing this quite late because its been one heck of a day! This morning we went to Watford to take my driving test again and………………………………………………I failed it I’m afraid for the last time.   I’m trying not to be too gutted about that.  

Speaking of guts though, the reason I’m e-mailing so late is because I had to go to the A&E again. (Emergency Room). It got real uncomfortable towards the end of my driving test.  Medication didn’t ease the pain this time, so around 2-ish I had Elder Poole drive me back to Watford to hit the A&E up. I’d called the Urologist earlier and they told me that the CT scan showed a small kidney stone in my kidney, so I now know for sure what’s wrong! It is now a confirmed kidney weasle.  So this next part will be the worst story of my mission and hopefully I can laugh at it someday… The nurse offered to give me a suppository, which sounded great because she said  it would work fast! Upon asking what a suppository was, it NO longer sounded great. But at that point I was willing to do anything, so I administered the suppository to myself…. Fun!?!!   Thankfully it worked and within 10-20 minutes my pain was replaced with a great sleepiness. 

We have been working hard in the paint trying to make up for my down times (weasle attacks).  I’m reducing my salt intake and carrying a water bottle around with me now, so hopefully that’ll help more as well. I’m calling the urologist today to try to move my appointment up before the week’s out so I can get sorted and back to 100%.  This too shall pass… right???

This last week I saw the importance of ministering to the individual in our opportunities to lead, and I’m trying to focus on that with my zone.  

Love you guys, I’ll make sure I have proper e-mail time next week!

Love, Elder Packer

IMG_8910 2

Jace sent a short video describing what a kidney stone attack feels like…  It’s an accurate image!


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