Grateful For These Experiences

Hey y’all!

Man, so much good news from home! I can’t tell you how touched I was when I heard you were fasting for me on Tuesday. I’ve sometimes wondered when people say things like, “I felt your prayers” or something along those lines, how do you feel a prayer? I know what they mean now! I really did feel your prayers for me this past week. I would actually say that I’m grateful for this experience I’ve had now because of the sacredness that you brought to it with your sacrifices!  Your experiences you shared with me made it worth it. The doctor I saw on Friday showed me the results of my CT scan and went through it with me. It showed a 4mm stone in the lower part of my left ureter, which he figured was why I had a bunch of pain recently. I also have a 3mm stone chillin’ at the bottom of my right kidney, so that should pass on its own as well. I scheduled another appointment with him in 4 weeks to follow up and see how they’ve passed or not.  He was an Indian guy, and I think I may have frustrated him a little bit, because I kept making him go back and repeat things and explain them until I understood what he was talking about, so he went kind of slow for me. Heehee. Then when he told me to “collect everything” in a jug so we could save the stone, he asked me if there was a problem with his English or something because I just looked at him with a confused, maybe stunned look on my face. But if I’ve got to “collect” in a jug, I’ll “collect” in a jug. As soon as we finish off the milk!😜

Enough talk about medical nonsense.  In other news, Elder Poole and I are going hard over here in St. Albans with the ward list! We’re visiting with a lot of the St. Alban’s ward part-member families.  A few of the ones we visited will hopefully yield us some solid referrals we can work with this coming week. One of the part member families we’ve been working with for a while now is the V-  family. Brother V-  is a Zimbabwean convert, his 13 year old son is a deacon, and we’ve been teaching his son who just turned 8 so he can be baptized! It can be a bit tricky to get the mum and her brother and sister who live with them to join in, but we do what we can here and there. It’s also been really great practice for our own teaching skills, because we have to keep things short, sweet and very interesting for that little bloke! But their whole family is so lovely, and they feed us the best African food in the world! I seriously need to learn how to cook like a Zimbabwean. I can eat like one though! You do it with your hands, no utensils. It’s fun. Let me tell you about Elder Poole! He’s from Rigby,  ’nuff said.  Ok, for reals, he’s a fun companion to have.  He’s very diligent and focused on his purpose to baptize here, which is great. We have great talks about things back home we both remember. (No trunky talks, I swear.)  He wants to make it big in the agriculture business selling farm equipment. He has a great sense of humor, also randomly spazzes out and stretches his arms in multiple directions.  We get along like two potatoes growing right next to each other in a potato field, or like two peas in a pod, or like two blokes from the same region of Idaho! We’re eating pretty well for missionaries. When we’re not eating dinner at members’ houses, we cook super colorful meals with lots of veggies in it. Plus we’ve been trying to snack on more fruits and nuts and stuff, so we’re feeling pretty healthy of late.

Holy cow, I can’t believe Tyson’s getting married! Wait, that’s not right, let me try again. HOLY COW, I CAN’T BELIEVE TYSON IS FREAKING GETTING MARRIED!!!!!??!?!! That is SO awesome, please tell him I’m so excited and happy for him! Haha, he’s looking good with the short hair as well! Maaaaaaaaaan! Sad I will be missing that!

Anyways, that’s about all for today, I love you and the blue is always sky here.

Love,  Elder Packer

P.S. Happy birthday on Friday Mia! Love you!


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