Rock of Ages

Dear friends and family,

 Today (pday) We were on our way back from spending time with the Hitchin elder’s and sister’s.  We were on one of these narrow, cool back-country lanes that you get in England, (I’m going to have to take Mum and Dad on them, they’re so English and so cool to an American), and a guy coming the other way swipes us and takes out our flipping side mirror! He didn’t have his insurance info with him so we went to his home nearby and spent about an hour calling the office and then the insurance company to find out the info we needed. So bad news for the day, we got hit by a car… but  good news is, we had an adventure today! 


District after the Blitz

Anyways, other than that, its been a really good week. We’ve been trying to get everyone (our investigators and potentials)  ready for Stake conference.  It really is amazing how hard Satan works on everyone to keep them from coming to church. It must be important or something?!   I thoroughly enjoyed the conference myself. I received great inspiration for things that I could do better on in my own work as a missionary and in the way I help the other missionaries.  

The pictures below:  Me and Elder Poole with Graham, And the handsome lip picture is thanks to a valentine package from Mama Lowe, thanks!



The Vega Family

The other thing I wanted to share is an experience Elder Poole and I had yesterday evening. We were out tracting so we could find people to teach, we’re forever in need of those. We approached a mum and her teenage son standing in front of their home having a cigarette. We introduced ourselves, struck up a conversation, and we soon found ourselves on their couch inside teaching them about the Restoration of the Gospel. They both have a hard time believing in a God, but do believe in karma and spirits, (work that one out?), and so they both had lots of questions. In fact, M-, the 17 year old son, was firing off 10 at a time so we had to tell him to slow down!  But Elder Poole told them something that we’ve both reflected on together in our studies. He told them both, “we can’t answer ten questions at once, and we can’t answer all of them right this night, but we CAN find an answer to all of them.”  We testified of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and that all of their questions boiled down to whether or not it is true. I can really testify that every single question I’ve ever had about the gospel has been answered as I’ve studied, pondered and prayed about it from that book. It really works! And then later, I saw that the mum was still a bit skeptical. The funny thing that made her realize the importance of reading it though was when she found out that we volunteered to do this missionary work for 2 years out of our own time and money. Surprised at first, she thought it was mad, and she asked why we would do that?!  The Spirit came so strongly, I told her,  “Because its true, and I know it!  I’m here so you can know it too.”  It was a good personal witness for me.  

Oh yeah, so news about the Rock of Ages. (New nickname for the kidney stone). I have no idea if it one is out or not yet, I haven’t been bothered to pee in a jug whilst going along my missionary work (just felt idiotic carrying around that thing with me).  I’m feeling healthier now, though, so I take that as a good sign! 


Had to document myself before the CT scan.  Don’t see too many hospital gowns sporting a missionary badge!  Looks pretty cool.

Mia congrats on the hamster.  Here are some possible hamster names: Reginald, Milton (may he rest in peace), Jay-Qwellin, AJ-TJ-RJ Backslashin’ Fourth the V, Deion, T-rone, MC Hamster.

Mothers’ Day is the 8th at home right, please correct me if I’m wrong. I’m going to plan on calling y’all at 7 English time, so tell Jessica to call at that time as well so I can see everyone! I wish I’d seen that e-mail about Benson’s Eagle Court of Honor before today, or I totally would’ve sent you guys something nice! But Bennie-hanna, I am so proud of you, bro! I know you had it done a while ago, but I guess now that its official, I’ll just say, welcome to the nest!!!

Love you all so much! The Blue is definitely sky over here.

Love, Elder Packer

This used to be a Roman Water Tower.  Now a rich family adapted it into a posh home with a pool at the top!

Went to the Clock Tower Saturday.  The view was so cool!


St. Alban’s Market Day happening below



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