Northward to King’s Lynn

Hiya, you alright?

Well, the new digs are pretty nice, King’s Lynn seems like a cool place, despite it not being such a huge town. There’s a lot of cool little things from older times that are just part of the townwork. I’ve got a picture of what they call the South Gates, it used to be the southern gate of a huge wall that was part of the town’s defenses, and it just sits over the road like a little arch. I’ve met a few of the members now, and they are very nice. Haven’t met as many as I wanted to, due to Stake Conference this Sunday. I met loads of people, but couldn’t tell who was part of my ward or not!


Not the South Gate, but another section of the same wall that runs through a nearby park. Way pretty this time of year!

The South Gate

That is so crazy that Kallie is home now! If you see her, ask her if she knew a Reina (say Rayna) family, there’s a sister Reina from Madrid in my district. I know Madrid’s probably a big place, but hey, you never know!

My new companion’s name is Elder Williams, he’s 26 and from Oceanside, California. He’s more reserved than most companions I’ve had before, but he’s very witty. He actually did stand-up and improv comedy for fun before he came out!


The King’s Lynn sisters cooked us lunch today!  Sister Gomez is a great Brazilian chef! 

As for the work in the area, they just had a baptism the week before I came, a guy called Merv, who’s wife was just baptised in February and his daughter earlier in May or June last year. They’re a pretty cool family and it’s been good to meet and work with them!  Fortunately, we’ve got some plans and appointments we’ve been able to make, so I’ll hopefully have some cool new people to tell you about next week. I just need to change how I go finding a bit, people stopped and talked to you more in St. Albans than they seem to do here.

Happy Birthday Sam! And Happy Birthday Grandpa! One year older and wiser too. (we hope)!  THE SHAMROCK PARK GARAGE SALE is this week?! Man, I miss that day so much, it is so much fun!  2nd only to Christmas.

Sky’s blue in King’s Lynn as well!

Love, Elder Packer


The District Line Up:  Seasoned Veterans in the back, Elder and Sister Parks.  Super-Vision Girl, Sister Gomez.  Flying Blondie, Sister Mathews.  Thug-Healer Blondie, Sister Wilson.  Mental Guy, Elder Speiser.  Muggle, Elder Alvery.  So-Fast-You-Almost-Can’t-See-Him Guy, Elder Williams.  Teleporting Latina, Sister Reina.  Super-Strength-Ego Man, ME.



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