All Good in the Neighborhood

Dearest Packer kin,

News for the week- We didn’t really have anyone to teach last week, but this week we found a couple people to work with. Michele was originally found a week or so before I got here, but they weren’t able to get with her at the time. When we knocked on Saturday she said she didn’t agree with a few things in the leaflet they left her, so we asked if we could sit down with her so we could clarify those things. She invited us in and we set to work. She wound up opening up to us about her bad track record with abusive men and how she really needs to find God again. It was super spiritual, and the member we brought with us was soooo pumped afterwards, it was cool. He’s coming with us this week and he’s going to invite her to church for us! Another guy named Rufus– yes, it is his name and it’s awesome– is rooming with this less active guy we went to go see, and he’d learned from the missionaries before. He has a wonky idea of what a prophet and his purpose is, and he’s very cautious about the Book of Mormon, but likes to talk about religion. So we’ll focus on finding answers to his questions from the Book of Mormon as much as possible. He did bring up a good point though. He feels that the Latter-day Saints focus so much on the Book of Mormon and don’t read the Bible enough.  While I think we value the Bible a lot more than he thinks, I do think I’d like to get to know the Bible better myself. I’ve been reading the New Testament straight through and I’m almost through John. (I don’t go very fast.) There’s so much to learn with both books of scripture!  Literally, it’s a FEAST!  

It’s cool that you guys celebrated Sam’s birthday Top Gun style, that was one of the best ideas ever!  You wouldn’t believe it, but we actually went to an American Airbase today for P-day!  American accents and Air Force guys everywhere! It was so cool! We hung out with the coolest guy ever, he just got baptised this weekend in the Thetford ward. (That’s in my district too) Anyways, his name is Matt, and he’s one of the most converted recent converts I’ve ever met. We were best bros right off the bat when I interviewed him for baptism last week!  Sam, I hear their short on pilots right now, maybe you could actually be Goose when you get older! Just do me a favor and don’t die, yeah?

Well, I took a look at mission life this week and found that I’d been slipping a little and had developed some trunky feelings (could actually see a crack, haha). Well I won’t stand for any of that! So I took those things I’ve slipped a bit on, and I’ve bolted them firmly once again onto the altar of sacrifice! My focus is freaking ROCK solid! #Helaman5:12  

And that’s my week! Super excited to hear everything you guys do back home, and definitely excited to hear more about the new office! That sounds way bigger than what I was imagining, that’s legit. Love you  guys, hope you finish everything in the backyard before I get home!!! 😙

Love, Elder Packer


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