Sandringham 5/30/16

Hey y’all,

So last week I forgot to say something:  THANK YOU! I got the package.  Challenge accepted! (#alwaysmeanttobeaninjorman)  The Twizzlers and the Oreos are long gone now, and I can’t wait to try my hand at baking those lovely goods as well.  That’s a life skill I definitely want to develop more, my cooking and baking skills.  I already have pretty sweet nunchuck skills, bow hunting skills, and missionary skills, but girls only like guys with great kitchen skills!  Plus I need to do more than just survive when I go to university later.  

So this is how the work has gone this week: We had 3 potential investigator appointments this week, one of which the guy didn’t actually want to learn anything, he just wanted to talk about his life options for the future and the Gospel wasn’t very big in them. Then one fell through, then we had one who doesn’t answer her phone so we just stop by. She’s probably the most promising of them, because she’ll allow us to come teach her kids even though she’s not interested in religious stuff, For now.  This week we’ve been a little bit like Peter and the rest of the Apostles when they went a-fishing.  We caught nothing.  But the comforting part of that story is the next part when Jesus calls out to them from the shore and tells them to try again on the other side of the boat, and they haul in more than they can even handle!  I’ve seen it happen in mine and others’ work in my time here in England, and I know it’ll happen again soon.  This last week I’ve been striving to re-dedicate myself to the Lord and my Purpose as His missionary.  I’ve ponderised D&C 4 again, and have been reciting it to Elder Williams at least once a day.  Something cool I wrote at the top of that section in high school seminary or mission prep or something was, “The Missionary Covenant”.   I love looking at it that way!  Jessica, me and the other full-time missionaries have made a covenant with the Lord to serve Him “with all [our] heart, might, mind and strength”!  I feel really good about the way I’ve served so far, but there’s no way I’m taking my foot off the gas pedal now.  I fully intend to serve these last two months with a vengeance! (Not literally, vengeance isn’t a good thing, but you know what I mean.) Imagine a dog yapping and barking and pulling at the end of his leash to get at something.  Not a small, Oliver-dog, (as much as I love him), but a big Staffordshire bull terrier. (They’re everywhere in England, I swear.)  Anyways, I have something for you guys to go watch!  It was a Young Adult Worldwide Devotional that just happened a few weeks ago, I think. It’s called “The Truth Restored”, by Richard J. Maynes.  Go and watch it, and then talk about it in Family Home Evening or something, it is so good!

So today we went to Sandringham for a Ward Picnic, and then Elder Williams and I took a tour around the Estate. This is another cool thing to look up, because it’s the Queen’s house!  The Royal Family spends every winter there, so we went in and took a bunch of pictures of the grounds and the museum. You might not get the pictures until next week though, because I took them on my camera instead of the iPad, which means I need to connect it to the computer to get them to you, and the Library might be closed by the time we get back to Kings Lynn. But you will get them, soon.  I also haven’t had the chance to download your e-mails to me yet, so any questions or whatnot will probably have to be answered next week.  

I love you and the blue is sky!  Love,  Elder Packer




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