The Spirit Confirms

June 6, 2016

Dearest Family,

MAN! I missed a baseball brawl again! I’ve always wanted to see one of those! Blast! I know it wasn’t actually a brawl, but still…sounds exciting! And how the flip did you guys score the job of announcing the actual game??! I have ALWAYS wanted to do that since I saw my first Chukars game! What an absolutely manic story! You guys are having fun!  As well as that, I’m so proud of you guys being such great missionaries! I’m glad you all enjoyed the Truth Restored video.  It really made me consider what I know of the First Vision, and how I came to know it. I’ve never in my life been able to say with more certainty that the First Vision really happened, and that Joseph Smith is a prophet. I didn’t know just how important that was until I spent two years here in England teaching about it!

Haha, before I get to stuff I wanted to share about my week, I just wanted to show the difference between Mum and Dad. I love you guys. The first bit of Mum’s letter to me goes: “I don’t know why I thought about him, but just really thought alot about your drunk investigator, Richard.  I’m sure you left him in good hands with the missionaries taking your place in St. Albans: we all gotta keep praying for that guy to keep coming back for more of what you guys were trying to offer him.  He’s right on the verge” That’s my mom.  The first bit of Dad’s letter to me goes like this: “Hello Chappy!  How has the week been?  Have you had your daily bowel movement?  It’s important to keep regular!:). “BAHAHAHAHA, that’s my dad. This is what makes my Mondays great.

Ok, now to my week. So Monday eventide we’d typed up some emails and stuff on the bus home from Sandringham, and we hooked up with the wifi in the grocery store to send them off, so not much chance for any back and forth messaging. But that night we went out tracting, and at one of the doors we knocked, this Eastern European guy answers. We introduced ourselves and he invited us in, and when we walked in we met four or five other Eastern European guys who lived there. (It’s one of those flat-share houses where you rent your room.) In my head, I was thinking, “Flip, we just walked in on the Russian mafia safe-house!” All of them spoke Russian, and only one spoke English, A-. I didn’t feel any alarm bells going off from the Holy Ghost though, and Elder Williams didn’t look too concerned, so I decided we’d be alright. They turned out to be nice guys, and A-  wants to eventually get himself and his family to America one day.  We learned they’re not actually Russian, they’re from Moldova, but they speak Russian. We were invited back to see them last night and taught A-  his first half of lesson 2! He actually read beforehand the leaflet we left behind! How crazy is that? High hopes for A-.

Earlier this week we decided it would be a good idea to visit some of the other towns in our area, so we took the train to a place called Downham Market. It was cold, windy and rainy, and unlike other times when my companion and I went out to the remote parts of our area, we didn’t find anyone who even wanted a pass-along card. But hey, you never know. Maybe we just needed to BE there that day for some obscure reason. uuuuugh 

IMG_0195 (1)

Last story from my week, was at zone meeting this Saturday. The district leaders have to get there an hour or so early to have a District Leader Council with the zone leaders. We had a good, spiritual meeting. Talked about the strengths and struggles of each district and decided how to help and what goals to set as a zone to improve. The last thing we discussed was what baptismal goal to suggest to the Norwich Zone. We set our monthly goal for baptisms with the whole zone, but the DLC always counsels with a suggestion of what would be a good, realistic but faith-stretching goal. With the investigators on date already for the month, and just looking at the key indicators alone, logically I would have suggested 3 or 4 and considered it a big stretch, but we felt the need to keep pondering.  After some prayers and thought, I felt the goal ought to be set at 5 and as I thought it was a little too high, I waited to see what everyone else thought.  Turned out that everyone had been feeling to set 5 as our suggestion for the zone baptismal goal too. The spirit was SO strong in there I couldn’t believe it! He really confirmed in all our hearts that this was the goal the zone had to set.  Later in the actual zone meeting, we knelt with all the zone and asked again, and we felt the same. The Lord directed us to reach higher than what our current key indicators suggested was realistic. I guess there are a few lessons to be learned there. Man, I love that feeling though; that was the Spirit of Revelation!

As for bishop’s question about my homecoming date, no I have no preferences. Just tell me when it is, and I’ll try and be there and happy to do it.   Hey, one of these times I need a video of Sam playing the saxophone! When I left he hadn’t even started playing, and now when I come home it sounds like he’ll be pretty pro at it! I wanna hear!

Love you guys, stay happy!

Love, Elder Packer

Pub of my Forefathers

IMG_0196 (1)

Street sign… Someone had one job to do… get it straight?!  Elder Williams adjusted.

IMG_0197 (2)

Called to the front to present DLC goals…  super powers, engage!


Hawaiin Lunch with the Zone


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