Hey guys!

It’s been a great week here in the UK!  The moisture in the air made it feel like we were in a flipping rainforest a couple of those days!  We’ve had a lot of great “new missionary moments”.   Some of my favorite memories I have had on the mission will always be the first few times learning to speak about the gospel to new people and completely freezing!  There is a long, uncomfortable pause for everyone involved, hahaha.  Elder Meier is doing awesome and  he’s already a great missionary.

We’ve been working with Ni- a single mother and her five kids since I’ve been here, and this Tuesday we got to teach them about family prayer.  They’re all pretty normal, aka-wild, so we have to teach small lessons with fun games, or things don’t sink in as well. The kids got really excited when we told them about primary, so we were really excited to have them coming to church! Unfortunately, on Sunday morning, they weren’t up and didn’t want to go. Bummer, but we’ll see them again this Tuesday.

I would say the thing I’m enjoying the most about training Elder Meier is focusing on the “plain and simple” missionary work.  Before this I had gotten kind of frustrated sometimes with reporting key indicators and organising events and stuff for the zone and all the other busy-work that you get caught up in with leadership, but lately I’ve been re-learning just the basics of opening my mouth and trusting God to fill it with the right things. I feel like I developed a lot of skill and confidence with talking to people through the last two years, but no matter how skilled I think I am, I’ll never know what some random person on the street needs to hear without some divine help. I think this is the biggest thing I learned this week; to give the reigns back to God.  I’m appreciating my studies a lot more as well!  It’s amazing to see Elder Meier on the other side of our study table as he discovers the simplicity of the gospel and how he can teach it. I frequently hear things like, “Oh man, that’s cool!”  It really makes me grateful for the time we have to study the scriptures each day.

This scripture has really stuck with me lately, and I keep seeing things in my day that relate to this. I just wanted to share it with you.  D&C 81:5- “Wherefore, be faithful; stand in the office which I have appointed unto you; succor the weak, lift up the hands which hang down, and strengthen the feeble knees.

Well, you may know that England has decided to leave the EU. Seems it was a pretty big deal as it was pretty much one of the only things we heard from people. You wanna know how life is here now the vote’s over?  Besides the flaming, overturned cars and the rioting, life carries on as normal.  Thank goodness we don’t talk about political stuff as missionaries!

Yes I’ve been sporting my glasses since this transfer up to King’s Lynn.  I’ve been really blessed my whole mission so far to have the allergies absent from my life.  But alas, this darned hay fever up here in Norfolk!  One of the members was saying the pollen count hasn’t been this high in years! But it’s ok, glasses are fine for now. My health is good, I’m doing fine.  No problems at all with kidney stones, and I’m drinking lots of water!  Last thing for today! I’m looking forward to seeing all of you too, but if you could not mention anything like a countdown for me, I’d appreciate it,  Just saying…  Love you guys!

Elder Packer

P.S. And the sky is blue!

The District Meeting.  Can you guess which one is Elder Meier???



We found the most affectionate cat, almost took it home!


Crammed in the ZL’s car today



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