The Spirit Of God Like A Fire Hydrant is Super Powerful

From June 14, 2016

Hey Errybody,

That side of the garden looks posh, and the cement pad as well! Haha, Jessica’s new dress looks pretty nice as well, innit?hahaha  Well, first off, for Mum and Dad, its technically summer here, but its a good idea to bring a jumper or two and definitely a jacket that’ll keep out the rain. It hasn’t been too cold lately, but I wind up putting my jacket on and off a few times over the course of the day.

Our week has been packed.  A-, our Moldovan investigator, canceled our appointment on Saturday, but we’re still in touch with him and will hopefully be able to see him within the next couple of days. Ni-, the lady with 5 rowdy but cute kids, wasn’t able to see us last week either, but her 12 year old son, has been coming to Young Men’s every Thursday for the last little while, and the YM leader and one of the priests there have really taken him under their wing. They invited him out to church last week but he wasn’t able to come. We’ll be joining them in YM this week, so hopefully we’ll get at least him out to church this week! We also got in a door we were tracting on Thursday.  This 16 year old lad from India invited us in and we taught him the whole of the Restoration. His Mum came in towards the end, and listened as well. The father sounds like he may be a barrier to their learning more, but I guess we’ll see this week.

So there’s lots of news to tell you this week! Obviously, since I’m e-mailing today instead of Monday, that means it’s Transfer Week! My last one as well. (What the what?) It came earlier than it usually does because this was a five week transfer instead of the usual six. Elder Williams’s dream has come true, and he’s moving right into the heart of London to help as a tech missionary in Hyde Park! He’s so excited.   And my LAST companion of the mission will be…

Fresh from the MTC! YES!!!  I’m training one last time, and I’m so happy! I have so many wonderful memories from training my first two times, and my “sons” are two of my best friends in the mission! I’m really looking forward to it! Haha, what are the odds that my new trainee will be from South Africa as well? Will it be three in a row?  Place ya bets!

Ok, confession time. Last week I forgot to tell you some pretty important things that were coming up. But now they’ve happened, so I’ll just tell you about them. ELDER DALLIN H. OAKS came and spoke to our mission on Tuesday!!! It was so cool to feel the testimony of the Holy Ghost when he walked into the room. The Spirit was like, ” This guy IS an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ.” We got to see a side of him that we don’t get to see in General Conference, or at least that I never noticed.  He and his wife are so funny! He’s hilarious! We were all cracking up when he started grumbling about his darned iPad that never works right while his wife showed him what he was doing wrong on it. He reminded me a little bit about Grandpa Packer, actually!  For the intermediate hymn that day, we sang number 85, How Firm a Foundation, and I was completely overwhelmed by the feeling of complete dedication to and love for the Lord and this church as we sang the seventh verse. I can’t even tell you how powerful that was to me.

Latest Pictures of the England London Mission at Hyde Park Chapel



The second thing I forgot to let you know, was that we planned a temple trip this last Friday as well! Since the temple’s not in our mission boundaries, we’re only allowed to go once at the end of our mission, if we haven’t had the chance to earlier. So me and one of the zone leaders who’s “dying” tomorrow woke up at the smack crack of dawn and drove two and a half hours down to the London temple, and got there right at 8:30am when it opened. We met Elder Poole, Elder Chew, and Elder Cornelio, (all from my MTC group) there as well, and we all went into the first endowment session there together. We were there all day until about 8pm, and I loved every second of it!  I was blessed to participate in all five of the different ordinances we do there:  baptism and confirmation for the dead, initiatories, endowments, and sealings. 

I hope you all have fun in Omaha, and that you don’t sweat to death or kill each other! 🙂 Love you guys!  Elder Packer

At the London Temple



Elder Williams and I on the Lynn’s Ferry yesterday.



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